Monday, October 15, 2007

Socktober Fest

For some reason, I always seem to be lacking on the blogging during October. This month always makes me feel a bit behind on everything. Luckily, I have today and tomorrow off to catch up. These are Nikki's socks. I finished them the first week of October, in celebration of Socktoberfest (there's a flickr group). My goal for Socktoberfest was a pair of adult socks every week and a pair of baby socks every other week. That would be 6 pairs of socks total during the entire month. How am I doing so far? Well, I have Nikki's pair to count for the first week and a pair of really cute baby socks that I need to take a picture of. I also have my pair of baby socks for this week done (again lacking on the picture). But I've been lapse on completing a pair of adult socks for last week. I'm almost there. I just need to find time to sit and knit. Maybe I'll work on that this afternoon... Tomorrow, I'll post some pictures I took of the Buddy Walk that I participated in yesterday. And maybe some pictures of those baby socks. Maybe even a picture of some adult socks.... Who knows????

Edited to add: apparently, blogger is having some picture loading issues. I'm going to load the picture into flickr and you can check it out there in the meantime. Got it now. Bad Blogger!

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