Sunday, October 07, 2007

Muggle and the Motorcycles (Part Two)

Wonder what I did during the field games? Yup, I knit. And I listened to people compare engines and speed and all sorts of things involving numbers and motorcycles. Everyone was very nice and stopped to admire the socks in progress.

After the field games, we sat and waited for the prizes to be awarded. Mom won the nifty hat she's wearing and something for Becky's bike.

As we were waiting, the Alabama group came in dressed as pirates. Apartently, when my dad's group went to the Alabama rally (known as the chicken rally) they wore chicken hats and this was the Alabama's version of retribution (I think motorcyclists may be odder than knitters, but don't tell Wheezy).


dingledaisy said...

I guess all groups are odd in their own way. Looks like you had a good time.

Beth said...


I never knew there were motorcycle rallys like this. We have Bike Week in NH and it's kind of scary. You look quite the muggle there with your knitting!