Monday, October 22, 2007

Friday Night Out

Friday night, I took a full car load up to Stash to see the legendary Cheryl Schaefer of Schaefer Yarns. She spoke about how she dyes her yarn and the inspiration she gets from women (famous and not). All of her yarns lines are named after women that she knows and most of the colorways that she dyes are based off of famous women. A god time was had by all and Melissa had a great turnout. A few skeins might have slipped and hit my credit card into the machine on their way into a bag. But can you really blame me? Look at all the yarny goodness I resisted.

On the Monkey sock front, I deliberated for quite a while what to do with the Humbertoified sock. I wasn't real happy with the pooling on it and I wasn't sure about the colorway for my swap pal, so I ripped it out. I then spent the next 11 hours knitting. After knitting on it for around 2 episodes of Firefly today, I have 1 more full pattern repeat before I start on the toe. The plan is to finish the first sock tomorrow and complete the ribbing of the second. I hope to have both socks completed, washed, dried, and in the mail a week from today. That will still give them a few days to get to their destination. Then I have some shop models and a baby shower to knit for. Crazy...

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dingledaisy said...

Thanks for taking us. We had a great time.