Saturday, October 20, 2007

Monkeys, Monkeys, Everywhere

I got so much stuff in this swap that I can hardly remember it all. Look at the photo... now look closer. That's all stuff I got. For serious... Heather spoiled me rotten. I must be the luckiest swapper, I always get the best people. I've already used the sock monkey keychain for my keys for school and the have the Mon Key covers on them. I put the one with the tongue sticking out for the office doors and the one who looks sick for the outer library doors. I've also worn the handknit monkey's and loved them. I really could go on and one about how rockstar this package is (just ask my mom and coworkers, they've heard it all week.) I loved it all.
As for the monkey package that I'm getting together... I've gotten all the Monkey stuff, I just need to knit like the wind this week. For some reason I thought the swap was over at the end of November not the first. I'll be panic knitting all week long, but stuff will get done and sent by next Sat.
The Hogwarts package is leaving the house on Monday (the socks are done and drying but I wanted them to stick around to meet some royalty of the hand dying last night, so I had put off finishing them until they got to meet her). That's my story and I'm sticking to it. You'll get to see all the pictures of the event and the stash additions in the next post. Until then, may your needles be swift and your yarn free of tangles. :)


Arctic Knitter said...

Yeah - I'm so glad you liked everying. It's so funny to see all of the stuff in a new location. :0) Happy Weekend!

Beth said...

Wow!! That package really does rock. I've always had great partners too. It's a great feeling to get so spoiled.