Sunday, December 31, 2006


I want to start out by wishing everyone a Happy New Year! Here are my knitting resolutions for the 2007 year.

  1. To use stash yarn in 4 out of every 5 projects.
  2. To knit at least 2 pairs of socks a month.
  3. To make an attempt to complete all of my sock club projects.
  4. To start knitting for Xmas in May (right after Maryland Sheep and Wool).

Wish me luck and good luck to all of you in the new year (I'm still not eating those nasty black-eyed peas though).

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

How a Wee Sock is Made

The first thing to do, if you're ever going to make an obscene amount of wee socks, is order some sock yarn. Now the whole point of the wee socks, was to use up some extras I had floating around. But there comes a point when you need some motivation. You could even order that 1 skein that you've been lusting over (or 15 different colors of that one skein). This is yarn pirate w/ tencel. It's name is Hydrangea and I got it from one of my favorite stores: The Loopy Ewe. I got this yarn 3 days after I ordered it! That amazes me alone (The mail in Mississippi is not so stellar, we won't get mail for 3 days and then so much it has to be left on the porch). You wind the yarn in you method of choice, after showing it off to your knitter friends. The knitting a wee sock usually occurs the morning before you have to give them out, along with some cursing. I did spread them out a bit better, but that late night was still there. Of all the wee socks I knit, I have to admit this one was a favorite, along with some Socks That Rock in the Christmas Balls colorway. I'll blog about Christmas later, Have a good one!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


They say a picture is worth the thousand words. This would be why I am too busy knitting to post much these past couple weeks. I am so tired of wee little socks and I still have 5 more to make. The bag is a small Noni carpet bag. I'm too tired to type anymore.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Allie's Afghan is Done!

Put a done stamp on Allie's Afghan. It only took me the Bills game (They lost, but it was a great second half) to complete it.
Here are the facts on it:
Date Started: 8/1/06
Date Finished: 12/3/06
Title of Pattern: Waterfall Afghan by Lion Brand Yarn (free on their site)
Yarn Used: Lion Brand Homespun (doubled) color #336 Barrington
Alterations: I made it 20 inches longer than called for.

It will be shipped out to New Jersey on Monday barring a staff meeting at school.
Now on to the next project, the "They Call Them Pirates" hat from Hello Yarn

Christmas Panic Arrives

Yesterday's Scarf fiasco, and the fact that I got no knitting done at play practice, has moved me into full panic mode. So here's a list of the knitting left to be done.
  • Nikki's Irish Hiking Scarf (1/5 of the way done, that was it yesterday).
  • Dad's Double Knit Scarf (Was cast on in September, has around 5 inches done)
  • Ms. Bayles Scarf (1/6th of the way done, but it's a simple moss stitch).
  • Matt's We Call Them Pirates Hat (1/6th of the way done).
  • Allie's Afghan (Needs about 5 more hours work, will hopefully be done today).
  • Becky's Skydiver Shaw (A little over 1/2 done).
  • Peresie's Socks and Bag (I finished one sock decided it was the Satan's socks larger brother (way too big) Need to rip out and restart both projects, Also need to pick out a final pattern for the bag).
  • Mini Sock Ornaments for people I like that I can't afford the stress of knitting a big gift for (Will start on the 17th)

Things I have done:

  • Hat for Emily
  • Hat for Rae
  • Hat for Aunt Chris (Already gave it to her)
  • Hat and Eyemask for Trotter
  • Hat for Grandma
  • Tessa's Hat (She already got it)

One of these lists is much longer that the other. I thought I had done so well (I did start thinking about this in August).

Alright now to make the goals for this week.

Today: Finish Allie's Afghan

This Week: Finish Matt's hat and Peresie's bag.

Next Week: Knit Peresie's socks (I see her on the 16th, she's first priority). Work on the Irish Hiking Scarf to get it to halfway. Start some of the mini stockings (15 total)

I haven't resorted to counting the knitting hours left, but I'm on the edge.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Cussing and Swearing Abounds

I FUBARed my Irish Hiking Scarf. And not just by a little bit. Below is what the sides are both supposed to look like. It's what the right side of the right side looks like. Now... the left side on the other hand. Not so much. It began like that and then went on a tour of Stockinette town. .

The sad part is Xmas is fast approaching. I need to finish this scarf quickly and move on to other projects. So my question for you, is it so noticeable that a non-knitter and very good friend won't notice my boo-boo OR is it in immediate need of frogging and redoing? Here's one final shot.