Saturday, October 27, 2007


I stress about going to baby and wedding showers to an obsessiveness. I'm always afraid that I didn't do enough. Today is Dora's shower (I'll show you pictures of what I knit after it) and I feel like I didn't do enough. If Eloise was here, she would tell me (for the 15th time over the past two weeks) that what I have is fine. And for a few seconds I think, "Okay, it's enough, it will be fine, no worries." And then I catch myself planning on waking up at 6 am (on the only day I get to sleep in) to knit a pair of baby booties. I didn't actually do that, my hand managed to find the snooze in time.

With twins, the guilt is doubled. I somehow managed to make 3 pairs of socks for the girl, but one one for the boy (Luckily, one can kinda go either way, at least the number came out even). Likewise, 3 hats for the girl, 1 for the boy (I'm just going to give 1 hat for each). I also bought some stuff. Deep breath. It'll all be okay. Now I just to figure out how I want to wrap all this stuff...

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dingledaisy said...

You know, of course, that you gave Dora more than enough. If you just gave her the book, she would have been happy. And I know she loved the socks and hats.