Saturday, September 29, 2007

Yarny Goodness from Bloomin Yarns

A week ago I went to one of my favorite yarn shops to vacation at. Bloomin Yarns, in McMurray PA, has great yarn selection, esp. sock yarn. We're talking Yarn Pirate, Shibu Knits, Claudia's Handpainted, Cherry Tree Hill, Bamboo Wool and Cotton, among a ton of others. It also carries unique non-sock yarns like hemp alongside Dale and Cascade. Overall, a very cool store. The best part is the people inside. The owner, Michelle is as nice as nice can be. She even remembered us from the one time we visited over the summer and asked if we were back for the wedding. That is a rockstar shop owner! (she also accused me of being a secret of the stole enabler, which is true and you can still sign up until tomorrow). Overall a great store. If you're in the PGH area, I would def. check it out. As you can see by the yarn that came home with me, I managed to have a great time :)
Edited to add: If you didn't already know this, I am a horrible speller. It's all fixed now. Sorry if the misspellings made you want to kick someone (probably me) in the head and light them on fire. I will use spell check, I promise. And Eloise, I did not buy all of the yarns Michelle sells, although I wish I had.


dingledaisy said...

Looks like a great place and I know you increased your stash there. Hope Nikki is better.

Anonymous said... are so sweet to say such nice things about Bloomin Yarns! I really appreciate that. My website and blog are coming soon...really!
Can't wait to start the SOS!
p.s. How is Nikki doing? Bloomin Yarns

dingledaisy said...

Just saw your edit. I know it was tempting to buy all they had. I already have more stash then I think I should have. All I have done lately is use yarn left over from old projects.