Friday, September 07, 2007

Candy Sweet Hat

I finished my Candy Corn Hat. I'm going to get the stuff to knit another one tomorrow. I like the idea of this, I just need to perfect how I want to do it. The one above has a bit too much yellow and not enough orange. I also want to make them a bit taller. I might send this one off as a surprise to someone. A cool new skill I learned with this hat was the jog-less jog. I don't knit stripes very often, but you can bet I'll be using this in the future. I got the info on how to do it off a Knitty article.
Knitting plans for this weekend include knitting a lace bag sample for a class I'll be teaching in a week or so. I also want to cast on my socks from my last STR kit. I've been undecided about the pattern, but I think that it has grown on me. I really like some of the completed projects that I've seen.

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