Saturday, September 15, 2007

Cooper Young Festival

Wheezy, Mom, and I all went to the Cooper Young Festival today. A fun time was had by all. I got an Edgar Allen Poe bobble head and a Jane Austin action figure for my desk at school. I also wound up with some yarn from Stash. It was good to see Melissa and all the girls I used to trek to Memphis to knit with. I'm really going to have to go up there at least once a month to see everybody.
Since Wheezy was driving, I used the 45 minute commute to knit. I have finished the first of my Hogwarts socks (I'd show you but they're a surprise). It only took a week and I knit a pair of baby socks and a clutch bag (a red version of the Forest Path bag) also.
Speaking of the Forest Path Bag, I know that the chart and directions for the stitch pattern are small. I'm going to find a way to fix that. It's an image, so I'm having some problems trying to enlarge it and keep it on a single page. In the mean time, you can do this. Take it to a copier or scanner and enlarge the chart to where you can see it. You can also download the pattern and zoom it on the text. Those are the only solutions I have for right now. I'll work on fixing it...I promise.

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