Friday, August 17, 2007

Why Swaps Rock

One of my new favorite things to do is knitting swaps. I've met many rock star people over the course of the swaps. One such person is Audrey. She was the first person I ever got to send socks to. I was worried. She made me feel better by loving the socks I sent her. Yesterday, I got a surprise in the mail. Audrey sent me some little presents as a thank you. I'm planning on taking pictures of the goodies tomorrow (I'm so tired that stairs are beyond me at this moment. Try getting 1000 middle schoolers to get the right textbooks for the classes that they're actually taking, you'd be tired, too). Audrey's blog is She's good people. You should read her blog. Thanks Audrey!
Another really cool person is my current swap partner for the Hogwarts Swap 2. I went to Victoria's blog yesterday to see that she had posted that I should be this...

That cracked me up. One of my favorite adjectives to use is "rock star." It's a great word that can be used either as a good thing or a bad thing. You fall down the stairs...that's rock star (insert sarcasm here). If you're a 7th grader that managed to get all five of your text books without messing up while you remain're just a rock star plain and simple. Thanks Victoria! You're rock star in a very good way.


Polly said...

Hi Laura, Speaking of swaps, I am your hostess for SP11. I am having a problem reaching you by email. Can you email at hostessnic at mac dot com? THANKS!

inukshuk71 said...

You're very welcome Laura. Your socks are very soft and cushy - simply lovely to wear.