Thursday, August 23, 2007

Spoiled Rotten

I got my Sockapalooza Socks today in the mail and the package rocked. I'm adding a level to the LaLa awesome meter and saying that this was a Pirate Rockstar Package. The socks fit great and I love the colors. I'll have to take better pictures tomorrow because I just got home from work (Yes, it is 10 pm here) and it's too dark to get a really good pictures. My two favorite things would have to be the pirate sheep (He's going to work with me tomorrow) and the rubarb and custard candy (the chocolate was a bit melted for a trial, it was 105 here today) I love rubarb and it's not something that grows in the South. When I go north, I always try to get Rubarb and Strawberry pie. I also got a ton of other goodies that I promise I will photo op. tomorrow. Sue totally spoiled me rotten (did I mention the pirate sheep?)


dingledaisy said...

I'll say you were spoiled. Those socks look great and I know you are liking your pirate sheep. Taking a break from sock class socks and knitting DH a pair. He keeps wondering when it is going to be his turn.

Sue said...


I;m sorry about the chocolate....I did'nt even think! Wwhat a goon :-)


Polly said...

Those are some good looking socks!