Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thank You

I wanted to thank everyone for their sweet comments both on the blog and in person. I think that's the most comments I've ever gotten on one blog entry and I appreciate each and ever one.
On the knitting front, I've been knitting a ton of baby hats as a quick 1 skein project to use up some of the stash. I've used up some yarn that's been in there for quite a while (4 years) and some that I got from Kathy a few months ago. The total number of baby hats knit this week would be 4. I've also knit the bag from Simple Knitted Gifts (it's the one on the front cover) and plan on making quite a few more for all the swaps I'm involved in (I think it would be cool to get some stuff in a hand-knitted bag, it might just be me though). I have a hat for Julie on the needles right now and should finish that up tonight. I also got some Cascade Fixation today to make some Broad-ripples out of. One of my sock pals prefers cotton yarn and this might be a great pair of socks for her.
Unfortunately, I will be missing the Thursday Night Knit In for the next three weeks. I have a meeting at Central Office on Mentoring for the next 2 weeks and then I have my only game duty for the year. I really can't complain about the duty, it's Volleyball which is one of the best to have. There's only 2 games and it's indoor. Another plus of volleyball duty is that I get to knit which fascinates most of my students and some of the parents. Carol might also be there because her daughter is on the team. A good time will be all by all ever though I'll miss my regular knit group.

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Your Monkey Pal said...

I was thinking the same thing about the knitted bag! What a fun pattern & great book (LMKG) Have fun at volleyball!