Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sockapalooza Socks and Done and Sent

My socks are done and sent. I loved this yarn. Even after knitting a pair of socks that were 9 inches long, I had 50 grams left over. These were not short socks, either. They had the standard 6 inch long cuff. Here's all the specs.
Yarn: Smooshy by Dream in Color in the Nightwatch Color (sooooo pretty)
Pattern: Sleepwalker Socks distributed by Dream in Color (I got it from Pickupsticks)
Needles: Size 2 Chi Goo purchased from That Yarn Shop
Mods: I went straight to the foot pattern after turning the heel (because I can't read dirrections). I also made the heel flap 3 inches long because my pal said that's what she likes (I am a total blog stalker) One thing that I noticed on this sock is that I need to work on making my SSK look more like K2tog. My SSKs are a bit looser. Hopefully, my pal is not a perfectionist.

I sent various things besides the socks in her package. The contents included a deck of MS playing cards, a sock journal from The Loopy Ewe, a min sock blocker (with enough left over yarn for her to make a mini sock, and a small thing of soak wash (Yes I did wash the socks before I sent them, they spent the day baking drying in my car). I hope she likes it!


Beth said...

OOOH! Those are some nice socks! What a lucky recipient!
The color looks an awful lot like the Wollmeise I'm using right now.

I can't wait to try Smooshy. A not very local yarn store is waiting for a delivery and has promised to call me when it arrives.

Your package was mailed today. Hope it arrives quickly.

Heatherly said...

I love them! i am so excited about the yarn being dream in colour, i just started drooling over their stuff!
i love them love them love them!
and the look perfect to me!

bubbebobbie said...

She loves them. I know because I was there when the squeals of delight could be heard around the block!
Thank you for blessing my daughter.
because of Jesus, Bobbie