Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Stash

6 skeins of sock yarn left the stash as part of a thank you to my advanced sock class students (That green sock below is what they are working on). I really wanted to push them a bit, so the pattern has a twisted German Cast-on, twisted rib at the top and for the heel flap, and a lace pattern. It is also worked from the top down on 2 circs. Kathy said that she would love to see the size of the stash. I said that would involve cleaning up the stash room and my bedroom for company and the chances of that would be slim. I will flash you some of my sock yarn stash, however. Here is what I would like my stash to look like. I just got this rubbermaid clear plastic tote and it fits perfectly inside the wire cube that is being used to store the other sock yarn. As of right now, I have 6 cubes worth of sock yarn. A new rule was instituted a few weeks ago (post PGH) that the number of skeins of yarn can not increase. This means that I must knit or give away a skein of yarn for another skein of yarn to enter. I knit the Lickety Split baby sweater at knit night 2 weeks ago decreasing my stash by 3 skeins. I also gave away those 6 skeins of yarn. That brought my total skeins of yarn decreased to 9. I happened to discover that WEBS is having a sale on some Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy yarn. 10 skeins of it are on their way to my house. It's very pretty you should check it out at Anyway, that means I need a 1 skein project to finish over the course of the next few days. Baby hat, anyone?


dingledaisy said...

You are so so funny and that is some stash. Thanks for the sock yarn and enabling the beginnings of a stash.

Mrs. Tommie said...

I wanted to report on my socks for the Advanced class. I frogged the first attempt just before starting the heel flap. I'd dropped stitches somewhere in the last few rows and just couldn't see how to make it right. I took a break and completed another, simpler pair to enter in the Midsouth fair. I'll be finishing the first sock of the lace socks this evening. I should get the second sock started. They are so pretty. I'm jealous because I've promised them to my daughter.