Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Great Debate

I grew up in the North. It was there that I first learned to knit and almost all of my projects were out of wool. Then I moved to the foothills of North Carolina. We got some snow there, but it was a good deal warmer than the North. As my skills as a knitter grew, so did my willingness to try new fibers. Now I'm living in Mississippi. If there ever was a state whose official plant would be cotton, this would be it. But I still love wool. Wool forgives many mistakes. It is elastic, something that I require when I marathon knit. And wool reminds me of the days when I would sit on my mom's lap at guild meeting and watch the adults work their magic. And although I may only be able to wear them in December and January, there is nothing that reminds me of home more than a fire, a cup of tea, and a pair of wool socks. Elizabeth Zimmerman said, "For people allergic to wool, one's heart can only bleed." While cotton may be practical in the 110 degree temps outside, I still wore a pair of wool socks to work today with my Mary Janes (They were Yarn Love's Tencil blend, however).

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Mrs. Tommie said...

I like wool socks. Summer, winter, no matter. They don't seem to get the damp feel cotton does. I do wish we had just a few more days of cold weather so I could wear bulky wool sweaters. They're like a big, warm hug.