Sunday, June 24, 2007

Today is brought to you by the letter "stress" and the number 3

3 is the number of projects that I need to finish this week. That does not include this:

The lace bag (it is to be named at a later date) is done knitting-wise and is currently being blocked. It will be put together, have a lining added, and then some buttons by Tuesday (Mom's sewing the lining, Thank Goodness). Next we have the cable bag. It has been designed and "swatched" and redesigned. It will be going on the needles as soon as I stop hyperventilating. Then we have my Hogwarts socks for the swap. There have been a ton of some issues, but I think all will be well on that front soon. Finally, I need to design a pair of socks and knit up the samples for the advanced sock knitting class I am teaching at That Yarn Shop in August. I also got a phone call today from Melissa asking if I still wanted to teach an advanced sock class for her (I'm thinking that the advanced classes will each be 2 sessions of three hours but I haven't decided yet). I have decided that I want each class at each store to have a different pattern that we use. This may seem like a lot more work for me, but I want people to be able to take both if they want and learn something a little different at each. I can't wait for my vacation in July. I never thought that I would need a vacation from knitting, but I guess there's a first for everything. :)

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