Saturday, June 23, 2007


These socks were knit for my future sister-in-law. My younger (I can't call him little because he's much taller than me) brother is getting married. Luckily, he chose a great girl. I've been plotting for quite a while what kind of socks to knit Emily. What colors should I choose? What pattern? When Sheri started selling the Cider Moon yarns, I knew I had a winner. Emily went to Ohio State. Matt and her both love football and went to several Ohio State games last year (as well as some Bills). It has been known to become quite cool at some of this games, so Emily might appreciate some thicker socks. I got the yarn in the Glacier weight. I was still striking out on the pattern, but when I went to the Cider Moon website, I found this. I highly recommend the Campfire Socks pattern. It is great fun and not a hard knit. Perfect, let's say, for a 24 hour round trip drive to a wedding shower (to be honest, I did get distracted from the socks by other yarns that were purchased along the way). So the Buckeye socks are done (they have been for a while, but I've been lazy about sending out mail). Emily, you are now officially part of the Linneman Clan!

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Beth said...

Beautiful socks!
Nice way to be welcomed into the family.