Monday, June 18, 2007

Something Old and Something(s) New

The something old is my laptop. I've had it since I was a Junior in college (so almost 7 years now) and I'm thinking that it might be time for an upgrade. Mom's laptop exploded 2 weeks ago and would cost more to fix it than to buy a new one. I've been helping her hunt down a decent deal and in the meantime have fallen to lusting after this. If you look in the FAQ, teachers at a K-12 institute can get the discount price on the i book and the free nano. (Kathy there are deals for homeschoolers, too) I could give Becky my old Mini if I got a nano. Hmmmm... But Becky and Trick have convinced me to wait until September (the promo doesn't run out until the end of the month) they say that it'll be cheaper then . Why do I need a new laptop anyway you might ask? Here are some simple reasons why:
  1. My battery is totally dead and that makes my laptop less than mobile.
  2. I heard a loud popping noise coming from the laptop that scared the bejeezus out of me this weekend.
  3. The USB connectors are old and don't like to hook up to my mini
  4. I think the camera on the Mac would be an awesome feature and might postpone me getting a new digital camera for a while.
  5. My laptop frequently overheats and turns itself off

On the new side of things, I fell off the wagon on Wednesday and ordered some new sock yarn (I couldn't resist, her prices are really good). On Friday, some really cool stuff from Woolgirl arrived at my door (that's fast). First, look at how awesome the package came:

It had a free sample of SOAK wash and a little sheep stitch marker inside. Look at the yarn inside:

It's so pretty, I wish I could be at home and play with it all day long. From bottom to top they are...Cherry Blossom Fibers in "Jade Rose" (it's self-striping), Lavender Sheep in "Sexy Chocolate Cherry," Three Irish Girls in "Quinn," and Miss Babs in Forest 2." Being the new yarn flibbertigibbet that I am, I immediately wound the Three Irish Girls on Saturday. I was really upset to find multiple knots (I was also about to teach a sock class at the time, so the timing was nothing but poor). The class went fine, and when I got home I emailed Woolgirl (Her real name escapes me at this moment). Within a few hours, she got back to me and resolved my problem. I cannot emphasise how much I like this store. It reminds me of the Loopy Ewe before it became so crazy popular that you have to stay up until midnight hoping for a sneak up of your favorite yarn. I still love Sheri, but I'm okay cheating on her from time to time with Woolgirl. Here's a final picture of the sock at the point of the first knot.

The cat that you can't see very well is Becky's housewarming present. She misses Humberto, so I thought I would get her a little cat of her own. Each cat is handcrafted individually and has a little saying and birthday on his card. You can see more of them here. She also has a very cool pirate string doll that might just hop into my cart when she has her Posh sock yarn come in. After the Posh, I am on a yarn diet (stop laughing Kathy, I really mean it this time!) so that I'll be able to afford that new laptop in September.


Knittingjunkie said...

I wasn't laughing...really...promise...
I was just trying to imagine you having "sock dt's" after about 2 weeks..." name is LaLa...and I have a sock yarn addiction"...
"Hello LaLa!"
you'll have to avoid Ravelry for sure now!
cya later!

Rebecca said...

YEP, sounds like you DO need a new laptop! Mine isn't nearly that old and has been in the shop four times this year. Thankfully, it is under warranty. It is not fun when your laptop is not mobile! Or, when it shuts off on you in the middle of doing something. My sympathies!