Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sock Madness Anxiety

Here's what I'm planning on using for Sock Madness (I think?). The first 3 pairs of socks will be from one of the following: A variegated sport-weight, I'm choosing Mountain Colors Bearfoot (although my first choice was Lorna's Laces Sport. But would have to order it, and that involves buying yarn). For the 2 skeins of variegated fingering weight I have some Lorna's in the denim colorway. And finally, for the color work pair, I have some Koigu. Other yarns pictured for later rounds include: Sundara (I'm hoping the second color work sock is in a way later round that I don't get to, because I'm not loving that combination. We'll have to see...), J-Knits Alaska, Socks That Rock in Midsummer Night's Dream, and more Lorna's Laces, this time in Pine.
The thing that I find most nervous, is the amount of yarn and the lack of gauge given for some patterns. Lorna's doesn't have the yardage that is called for, it was mentioned that Felcia used almost all Lorna's. I can't think about this's 13 days away and I have socks on all the needles that are called for. I need to finish some objects before I get all kinds of caught up in this "madness."


Cindy said...

Hi Laura, I found your blog through the Sock Madness site (I am also a participant, although not listed yet...)I have perhaps that same color of the Mountain colors Bearfoot, Lupine I think? Anyway, I hadn't gotten out my wpi tool, but I was thinking that it was more of a fingering weight. I am hoping that you are right though 'cause that would mean that I don't have to buy any yarn yet!

Looking forward to Sock Madness! (I think...) ;)

Beck said...

I declare you winner of our sock off!
Meaning I also owe you one pair of socks, but I could substitute long sock wristers if that is more compelling, dear sister.

here's that link you wanted also: