Saturday, February 17, 2007

Must Resist New Yarn

I might have over stretched my knitting ability for the next few months. Here's a list of stuff that MUST be done:
1. I must finish my Monkey Socks (They're almost done, I need to finish a pair of socks for a KAL I'm in, and I need the needles for another project).
2. I must knit some stuff for my God baby which will be here by March 15th at the latest (hopefully). I'm planning a hat, a sweater from Natural Knits, and the shrug from One Skein at this point.
3. I need to knit the shop models for That Yarn Shop (ideal finish time would be by Feb. 28th, I've already swatched and plan and casting on once I finish the Monkey sock).
4. I need to finish my Yarntini socks and rewrite the pattern and put it in yarn from Beth's shop. (deadline: March 30th)
5. Sock Madness
6. Figure out classes for That Yarn Shop

Here's the good news: I'm almost done with the Monkey Socks (I'm on the last repeat before the toes on the second sock, if all goes according to plan I should finish tonight). I have Monday off and a whole season of Firefly to watch. There's knit nights Tuesday and Thursday this week. I have a week off from school in March.
I've spent enough time blogging. Must resist the new Yarn Nerd Yarn calling my name and knock out some Monkey Socks. Look for pictures tomorrow.

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