Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Becky's Socks

Yesterday was Becky's twenty-first birthday! She's "all grown up and saving China (Disney's Mulan)." In order to celebrate in an awesome fashion, I knit her a pair of socks (they're the ones I finished forever ago but never showed a picture of). My total sock count for January and February is now 3 pairs. Becky and I are currently tied (she finished a pair of Monkey socks and I finished Nikki's Wick socks). Here are the specifics on Becky's Socks:
Yarn: Socks That Rock Lightweight in Hard Rock. This was my first skein of STR and I loved it. Mom bought it for me in Port Townsend WA (The same store Grandma bought my XMas skeins from).
Pattern: Beth's Toe up Pattern from her Class (It uses a figure 8 cast on and is worked on 2 circulars with a short row heel) I used twisted 1x1 ribbing at the top for 2 inches.
Notes: Becky has huge feet and I was a little worried about running out of yarn, but I had plenty and these socks are bigger than could really be blocked on a size large fiber trends blocker. I really like the strips on the feet portion of the socks and kinda wonder why it didn't continue on the ankle portion. Have I mentioned that I love the texture and feel of this yarn. I can't wait until my first sock club arrives.! Happy Birthday to Becky!!!

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