Thursday, February 01, 2007

Snow Day (Without Snow)

No school today because of slippy roads and the possibility of an ice storm around 3pm. I enjoyed sleeping in, watching Knitty Gritty, and catching up on some reading. I'm a little disappointed with the lack of snow (ARK got around 2 inches) but I'm still glad to have a day off.
In knitting news: I am knitting a simple garter stitch scarf for a friend (she's my mentee and having a bad week at school). It's out of a thick and thin yarn by Lorna's Laces.

Added later: I'm done. It's just a simple 15 stitch garter stitch scarf. Knit until the yarn runs out. I wanted something simple for watching school cancellation lists as they zoomed across the bottom of the TV.

Here it is SOAKing:And here it is getting blocked:

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Jennifer said...

Must be nice. Be happy you got the day off. We got snow, ice, and work..yippee!