Monday, November 13, 2006


I can not wait for my sweet sheep sock club yarn to arrive. I am really impatient and the fact that we did not get mail on Saturday or today makes me mad. I had to go to work today, so everyone else should have to also. I started my Jaywalker socks and got this far.
Yes, I didn't even finish the ribbing. Sunday is usually the day when I get all my knitting done (as I watch the Steelers and the Bills) but I had to study instead. I hate the Praxis tests. I hate that I have to spend 120 dollars (that could be spent on yarn) to tell me that I can teach. PA and NC were okay with me teaching without this stupid test, but MS of all places has a problem with it. Blah. At least after Saturday, I'll have more time for knitting.

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