Tuesday, November 07, 2006


This is my cat, Humberto El Gatto Meow . Do not be deceived by his appearance. He is a sneaky thief. You can not leave a ball of yarn or a needle of any kind around the house without him finding it. And he will find it. It doesn't even matter if you put the object in a room with a closed door, he can open doors. Here he is ready to steal an alpaca scarf I was working on. Being of the sneaky thief sort, he's looking an innocent for the camera, but when you turn your back on him, this is what he will really look like: Sometime over the course of Monday, he stole one of my double pointed needles. Of course I need that needle to finish the socks I am working on. The socks that I want to knit on right now. Humberto and I are about to have words. These words will not be sweet or nice. In the mean time, I'm making due with 4 out of my 5 bryspun 5 inch double points. Sadness.

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