Thursday, November 09, 2006

Fastest socks in the West

I can't believe how fast these socks knit up. I must have had a sweat shop of elves in the back working on them while I was sleeping or something. The color is more true in the first picture rather than the second. Now for all the gory details. I started and finished the first sock on Saturday. Second sock syndrome didn't hit me hard, so the second sock was begun on Sunday. Due to a cat whom shall not be named stealing a needle (size 4, 5 inch length Bryspun), the second sock was not completed until today (all was done but the toes shaping and kitchener). The sock yarn was a sportweight from All Things Heather bought here. The color is Raspberry Truffle and is a handpainted superwash merrino 280 yards. The general pattern I used is from Sensational knits Socks (pg.34). I chose an openwork rib pattern and casted on 48 stitches. I used the kitchener method in the Yarn Harlot's book Knitting Rules! It's the easiest way of doing Kitchener I've ever seen (I hate the version that was in an interweave although it did address how to kitchenered non stockinette pieces).
Well I'm off to wear my new socks around the house and then to school tomorrow. I'll tell you how the 6th graders feel about them.

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