Sunday, November 12, 2006

See this picture. It was in the Commercial Appeal (Memphis's Main/Only Newspaper). Now look at the tall smiling girl in the background. That's me. Yes, I know I look odd. I was doing some crazy grammar thing at a workshop (in all seriousness the workshop rocked, if you teach grammar you should check out Grammar With a Giggle).
In knitting news, I ripped out my Jayalker cuff. The Lana Grossa Sock yarn (Meilenweit Fantasy) was just too busy. Even Nikki and Mom thought so. Plus it was to loose and the size of the socks seemed off. Instead, I'm thinking of some knitpicks yarn (same yarn as the Satan socks, different colors) . Even though the Satan socks were evil, I'm thinking the striping pattern will look nice in the Jaywalker sock. I'm going to cut down the number of stitches cast on to 56 though. I'll post progress tomorrow.

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