Sunday, November 05, 2006

Visualize this

I'm going to have to post a picture of the socks I knit this weekend (OK.. Well I finished one and started the second) later because my camera is without batteries. But see if you can visualize this. I knit the socks using the pick and brown All Things Heather Yarn pictured above. I used a pattern from Sensational Socks. It's kind of a lacy ribby looking thing. Since this is the first time that I've used double points and knitted a sock in the more traditional way, I'm super proud of it. I have to say that I liked knitting socks this way. The first sock seemed to go so fast (I knit it all on Saturday) , but today's is going a bit slower. I am past turning the heel and picking up stitches though.
While I was knitting this morning, my grandma called. She asked what new and exciting things I'm up to and I told her all about the sock clubs I've joined. This led to a conversation about how things never change. You see my grandma remembers in the 50s, all the young women knitting socks and wearing handknit socks. One of the first projects I can remember seeing my mom knit is socks (she's more of a spinner kind of gal). It's interesting to be doing something so intertwined with the past.

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Anonymous said...

One of my favorite things about knitting is that when I knit I am making the same motions that women have made for a billion years of knitting. If i were transported back in time to the ice age (God forbid!) I could fit right into the knitting circle where we would gossip about people, make plans, and work out the problems of the world.