Sunday, July 15, 2007


I've spent the day knitting, and playing around on Ravelry. I took some pictures of the STR stash and uploaded some of them (notice how I didn't say all). I also have a picture to share with all of you. Above is my STR totebag filled with my STR stash. The tote can easily fit 16 skeins of yarn and is very cute.
The slanty scarf is almost done and I am determined to finish it today. Then I'm going to finish up a baby hat that has been waiting half done for quite a while. I'm thinking that I'll have a Harry Potter Movie Marathon tonight while I knit.
I'm really loving being done with most of my big deadline projects. It's nice to be able to play around on Ravelry and pick what I want to knit on, not what I have to knit on. I do need to start the Sockapalooza socks but I still have 2 weeks or so to get them done. I finally feel like its summer. i might pop back on to post some pics later tonight, but don't count on it. I'll talk to you all tomorrow!

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