Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Best Made Plans

Well, the hogwarts socks are done and have had a SOAK. They are currently drying in the knitting room waiting to be shipped off to Canada tomorrow. I'll post pictures of them tomorrow on my blog, the Hogwarts Sock Swap Blog, and the Sock a Month Bog (For once I'm going to post there before the last day of the month). I can't wait for my pal's reaction. I really hope she likes them. Here are my plans for knitting in the next week:

I started a My So Called Scarf out of Debbie Bliss SoHo today. I'm going to take it to Knit night tomorrow and hopefully fiish it there (Is a scarf in 24 hours asking for too much?)

I have the other rainbow sock to begin and finish. Sheri from the Loopy Ewe has inspired me to start finishing up soe lone socks.

I would like to finish the other baby sock. It's halfway done and just needs a heel and foot.

I need to start on my Sockapalooza socks. I don't want to feel rushed on them and their is less than a month left.

Do you think I've stretched myself too far? I just want to get some stuff done before I leave on vacation on the 17th (wait, that's only 6 days away)

What do you think I should take on vacation with me? Any suggestions? Becky, are you taking the Mystery Stole?


Jennifer said...

Yeah for finishing your socks!!

Beck said...

No I'm not bringing my Mystery Stole. I'm bringing another pair of short socks out of the Tofutsies (just plainjane this time) -- but I'm only going to be there for one weekend.

I'm thinking I might have knit the next clue by the time vacation rolls around. I have 10 more rows till I'm all caught up.