Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sweet Sixteen

It turns out that I'm in the "sweet sixteen" of Sock Madness. I'm not quite sure how that happened (I'm thinking refusing to sleep until I finished my second sock had something to do with it). I also think that when I hate something about the socks, I tend to knit faster in an effort to get them done.
I knew from the get go that this was not my kind of pattern. I'm just not a cuff kind-of girl. I think of these as elf or jester socks (and Nikki agrees so its just not me), not for the t-shirt and jeans crowd to wear (when I'm not at work, I love in t-shirts and jeans and plain vanilla hard-knit socks). So like the two previous rounds, these socks are going to mom. I'm thinking of saving these for her Birthday and the Mad Cows for Mother's day (she's already snatched the Madtinis, which were supposed to be for me but were a bit too tight for my large ankles).
I'm not sure what the next round will contain. We have 2 skeins of unvariegated yarn, 1 skein of variegated, and a color work combo still left in the Sock Madness stash. All I know is that I'm hoping for a long break in between these rounds and a weekend release on the next pattern.
I am getting sick of knitting socks and will not cast-on any more until I finish what I have on needles. I also need to start knitting up all the awesome sock kits, I've been getting. The yarn stash is getting out of control again and I might need to knit just from the stash (with some designing exemptions) for the next few months. I'm literally out of space and the number of projects I'm working on has gotten out of hand. Here's the new plan: I can not buy (with money, not credit) any more yarn until I use up at least 6 skeins of yarn and finish 2 projects (socks only count as 1 project). This might keep me to buying yarn only once every 2 weeks. I'm going to add that I can only buy enough yarn for one project at a time although the "allowance" might be pooled to allow for some mass buying to get free shipping and other cool stuff (Webs has a sale going on now that you must meet a $25 min. for). That is all, carry on.

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Margie said...

Congratulations! I hope to see you in the finals, but with the speedy knitters out there it will take an epic knitathon, something I certainly was not ready for. See you at Hogwarts next. Happy birthday too