Sunday, April 01, 2007

Spring in Mississippi

Spring is here in Mississippi and I have some pretties to show off. There's a rose theme here. It seems everything I have to blog about is rose related.

The socks are ones that I finished back in August of last year, but I had never woven in the ends or blocked them. When I was SOAKing my Madtini socks the other day, I figured I could throw these in, too. So now they are blocked and here are some specifics:

Pattern: Toe up sock pattern with a short row heel on 2 circs (2 socks at the same time). The standard same old, same old.

Yarn: Fortissima Colori Disco in the pink multi. You can buy it here. I like the colors of the yarn (The metallic thread of silver is pretty cool), but this is not a soft yarn.

Needles: Size 2 circulars (this was in a time before I had braved to go down to size 1s).
Details: I knit these socks while we were on the family reunion last year. They traveled to 7 different yarn stores between Philadelphia and Mississippi. They kept me sane. This year, I'm going to pack more knitting.
On a totally different note, I got some more sock yarn at my LYS, Friday. They remind me of roses, too. I'm going to start a sock out of these tonight, if I can get the Glaciers done in the mean time. The yarn is Luna Park by Punto Su Punto Filati. This is color #205. It was by far, my favorite color that I've seen out of this yarn so far. I just found some other colors here. When I googled it, it seemed that the majority of stores stocking it were in TN and MS. Hmmmm... Intriguing. Anyway, It's 210 yards per ball of 100% merino wool. It says machine washable on the label (I'm thinking "no" on that, but time will tell). Who knew this yarn would give me so much to ponder. I'm off to knit!

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