Saturday, April 28, 2007

Put a done stamp on it.

I'm out of Sock Madness, but I have a cute pair of baby pants. These are the Knitpicks Shine pair. The worked up like a dream. I even managed the elastic with few problems. Godson tried them on this morning, but we had him in a bulky diaper cover and they didn't fit so well. I'm hoping if we put him in a lightweight diaper cover, that they'll fit. If not, Rae is going to receive a pack of Pampers for him to wear with the pants. That won't be a problem with the other baby, she's going to be a disposable diaper kid. This might be the one time that I'm not a fan of the cloth diaper.
Pattern: Baby Pants from the Blue Blog.
Needles: Size 6 Clover Circs.
Alterations: An extra 2 rows on the butt part in attempt to fit over cloth diapers (not successfully, need to add 6 more rows.)
Comments: Love the pattern, a super cute knit. Order 3 balls of the Shine Sport (I needed 2 for the pants, and a wee but of the 3rd for the drawstring).
Next up on the knit list:
  1. Other baby pants
  2. Baby Hat
  3. Baby Bib
  4. Julie's Socks for her Birthday (Next Sunday)
  5. Rae's socks (almost done)
  6. Martha-Claire's socks
  7. Hogwarts Sock Swap Socks
  8. Grandma's Socks

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Beth said...

Those pants are SO cute! Almost makes me wish I had a baby to put in them. Almost. Okay, not really. But they are adorable.