Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My name is Laura and I am obsessed with knitting baby pants

I have a confession. In the downtime from Sock Madness, I have not knit a single sock. Instead, I am obsessed with knitting wee baby pants. I've been using this pattern and have been going to town. I started the first pair out of Knitpicks Shine Sport in the Green Apple (which is much more pretty in person and so soft). I've finished the first leg and am almost done with the second. I would like to finish those by Saturday, so that Godson can wear them here. The second pair is knit out of Classic Elite Premiere in the Bleached Orchid. I have one leg done. Although the baby in question has not been born, her mother's shower was last week and I owe her a present (or 2). I'm thinking baby pants and a hat should cover it. I got some cute Bunny Hop (It would prob. be easier to list the colors that I didn't get than the ones I got) to make the hat out of and a hat for every other baby that might come along in the next couple of years (I love that stuff, it's the knitting crack for baby stuff). Speaking of knitting crack, Sheri is now selling Kidsilk Crack Haze and tons of other lace stuff.
On that note, I'm off to knit some baby pants before somebody schedules an intervention.

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Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

You ready for Round 5, Laura? Good luck, and may the pattern one we all enjoy knitting!

See you in the trenches!