Sunday, January 28, 2007

Grape Ape

Look! It's a sock!

And a mess, but pay more attention to the sock. Just in time, too. Becky called to tell me she completed her second pair of socks last night. Did I tell you that the loser of our little competition has to knit the winner a pair of socks? I think I had better get knitting.

The Sock Details:

Pattern: My own, in that I've made several modifications to the Jaywalker pattern from Magknits (different stitch pattern, stitch count, and toe)

Needles: Size 1

Yarn: Yarntini Grape Ape bought from the Loopy Ewe

Notes: I love the striping pattern on the yarn (I'm even thinking about making identical socks, it'll be that easy to match up) Plus there is a ton of yarn here. I started with a 110 gram ball and I still have 70 grams left (keep in mind that I wear a size 10 women's shoe). I'm thinking one of the baby presents may be socks made out of this yarn. The yarn did tend to want to split a bit, but overall a great find (I'm glad I have another skein in Loopy Blooms in my stash)

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