Sunday, January 28, 2007


Dear Yarn,
Yes, I know the stash is getting a bit cramped these days. I know more skeins have been arriving than have been leaving and that makes it hard to breathe, especially if your neighbor is mohair. But, I have had a very busy week judging reading fair projects, processing books, looking at fifth wheels with Wheezy, and playing My Little Ponies with Julie. I would have taken you to some of these places but Muggles seem to frown on that sort of behavior. I also know that you are planning a revolt if you do not become the many hats, booties, and socks required for gifts over the next month. I am planning on knitting and watching season 11 of MASH today in an attempt to catch up. I will also be going to Tuesday night knitting this week. I might even take the car in to get the windshield wipers fixed (even more knitting time). BUT I will not give in to your ridiculous demands that say I should keep up with my sock clubs. I'll knit all those Sweet Sheep skeins when I'm good and ready (The same goes for the Lenten Rose Socks).
That is all.

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