Friday, September 08, 2006

Why knitting while watching naked men might not be the best choice

I've learned through various theater experiences, that taking knitting to a musical/play can be a good thing. I've knit all the way through "To Kill A Mockingbird" and during the intermissions of various other plays. I wished I had my knitting during 1776 so I could poke my own eyes out and maybe burst my eardrums too (There I am getting all Oedipus on you). However, knitting even before the start of the Full Monty, not the best of choices. Because I was paying attention to the people surrounding me, namely Nikki commenting on other audience members, and the strange man who sat down next to me; I knit Hannah's socks together. As if I needed another why Hannah's socks are Satan, I have one. Not only did I knit them together, but I didn't catch it until I did at least 5 more rows. See, that's what even the expectation of seeing naked men will do to you, it'll make you knit your socks together. Tommorrow is offical rip it out day. I'll also be knitting out the baby hat I let Eli and Chloe help with. Their uneven stitches at the bottom are driving me crazy, as are the fugliness of the crown shapping. Hopefully, Crider's baby can hold off one more week, just one more week.
Being at the Full Monty means that I missed out on my Thrusday Night Knit Night at Yarn Studio. Sadness...but I'll catch all of you but Laura (the other one) next week.

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