Monday, September 04, 2006

Endless Socks

On the far left are Hanah's Socks. I am firmly convinced that Hanah's socks are possessed by Satan. These are the socks that will never end. They were concived in May with Sock Garden Yarn from knitpicks and all seemed to be going well. They're going to be a Christmas present for this year and I got cocky. "Wow, I started these early, there's no way I can't get these done in time." Better yet Hannah had requested them in this colorwave so I knew that I couldn't lose. I knit my socks on two circulars from the toes up (double points and I don't get along). Before I knew I was ready to turn the heel. It was only the last week in May and I had returned from Maryland Sheep amd Wool ready to knit new more exciting projects (I think I bought out Morehouse). So Hanah's socks became less of a focus and a stand in line and wait project. But the heels were soon turned (eye doctor's appointments) and I was moving on to the cuff. Now, I hate the cuffs of socks on a good day, but they still remained my wait in the car/appointment/game duty socks. Somewhere in this period is where I am convinced that the socks became possessed. However long I work on them, they refuse to grow to the proper sock length. Now if these were socks for me I would have switched over to ribbing already and then quickly bound off. However, these are socks for someone else and this someone else likes long cuffs on her socks. The cuffs are stuck at 5 inches and refusing to grow any further no matter how much ESPN I watch. I'm getting a bit frustrated with them. I even took them out on the porch and knit them there, but they are stubburn. So, in typical Laura fashion, I decided to move on with life.
The second picture is a skein of handspun yarn. I don't spin, but my mom does. My mom has been spinning since I was born, maybe longer. That is some of her handspun yarn and since she rarely knits, I've decided to grace her with a scarf handknit out of her handspun. She's out of town motorcyling with my father and her B-day is fast approaching., so now's the perfect time to raid her stash. I'm thinking of using it in a lace pattern, which will keep her warm enough in the Mississippi climate.

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