Monday, September 11, 2006

Mail Call

I got this in the mail today. I got all three skeins from my favorite new shop
Why I love this shop...with my sock came a card (think hallmark), with a free mini skein of Katia Bamboo, and a 10% off coupon. Unfortunately, for everyone else they seem to be sold out of the 2 side skeins that I bought, All Things Heather. This yarn is sooooooo soft and I love that I bought a sport-weight gauge (The better to knit last minute presents in). The skein in the middle is the shop's version of sock yarn called Sweet Socks. It is also very nice. I love that the colorway is called lollipop. The colorway of the All Things Heather on the left is Tequila Sunrise (like I was going to pass that up). The one on the far right is Raspberry Truffle. I love all three skeins and can't wait to try them out. I still have to rip back on the Satan socks. I'm putting it off for a rainy day, and since it rarely rains in Mississippi, I may be in luck. Think that's all that could have come in the mail today? Nope, I got the new Debbie Bliss book, too. I classic Debbie Bliss with some cute baby stuff. I got it because I have five or six baby showers coming up in the future and I've got to get cracking on some cute sweaters and such.
In other news, I think I've found the worst use of Blue Sky Alpacca's Cotton. Knitty Gritty had on today an episode oo about this, a Sushi Bathroom set. All I can say is, "Sad."

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