Sunday, September 03, 2006

This is one of the Snuggly Fair Isle sweaters I'm knitting for a teacher at school (she's having twins). It never seems to fail that I'm behind on presents of various sorts, so I decided to start this project early. The babies are due in November so it seems like I have plenty of time. Of course, by starting on the twins early enough to finish, I've been neglecting other more tardy presents, including an afghan for a wedding. It's around halfway done and because it's already late, it might get postponed to even later. Sorry Allie. The twins sweater was a fast knit though, it took less than a week, so I might have time to finish all. In other news, two of my best friends are coming down for a visit and they are also due some tardy presents. For the one, I got that cool new scented yarn called Lang Emotion in the Gingseng scent. I'm thinking of making an eyemask for her (I'm also having a spa party that weekend). The other, Jenny is already a knitter. I'm going to take her to the yarn stores in town and see what catches her fancy. Unfortunatly, she's on tour (she works for Sesame Street Live) and has a 40 pound lugage restriction on her bagage. I'm thinking about teaching her how to knit socks. I owe her big time because she's bringing me back Kinder Eggs which they sell in Costa Rica. Odd since they're made in Germany, but they are my favorite thing ever, so I'm super excited.

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