Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Credit Card Fraud

Someone stole my Chase credit card number and has been having a good old time with it. It caused my to loose out on the next round of yarn pirate sock club and has caused all sorts of other trouble (mainly not being ably to knit because I have to be on the phone and the computer at the same time looking up every little paypal payment I've made in the last few days). Totally sucks. Everyone out there, please check over everything that you need to. Trust me, the whole thing sucks.


Chris said...

God, how horrible!
I can only hope it calms down soon and you get a break.
All my best wishes ans know I'm thinking of you
Chris (your not-so-secret pal)

Donna said...

Boy have I been there! Right before a vacation, when I was going to need to use my card. The credit card company did FedEx new cards to me for my trip, but didn't mention they were charging me for it (nice, eh? Nothing like adding insult to injury.) Hope you get it all sorted out. Especially hope the holiday knitting doesn't get you down!

knittingjunkie said...

I am so sorry! I keep checking ours, but nothing...

hey, you've been tagged!

cya tonight!

dingledaisy said...

Since it possible that these numbers were stolen in February, I am concerned. I haven't been using my card locally lately but I know I used it then.

AfternoonMoon said...

know the feeling, I had $1400 go "missing" from my account. Wells Fargo caught it before I did, and notified me that the money was back in the account, the day after I found it was gone. Right in the middle of Christmas shopping, clerk: "looks like you hit your limit, your card was declined". Me: "no, still have more to go, I know the balance, and I KNOW there is a lot left." clerk: "call your bank, it's Sunday, nothing I can do now."

I hope yours gets worked out soon! Credit card theft haunts you! and changing your autopays with a new CC# seems to take forever!