Sunday, November 04, 2007


I find myself with a novel experience, no project that I HAVE to knit. After I finish off the very cute baby blanket (have you seen the new Magknits?) that is currently on my needles, I am free of commitments. Yes, I do have Christmas knitting, but it's very little this year. I'm really only knitting Endpaper mitts by Eunny and several pairs of Fetching. That leaves me with the novel experience of being able to knit whatever I want. Wow. Now my question to you is, what should I knit?


inukshuk71 said...

That must be a wonderful feeling. Knitters too often knit for everyone but themselves. I think you should reward yourself by knitting something fabulous with luxurious yarn FOR YOU. You deserve it :)

beck said...

mermaid gloves?
I think you should only knit things for me :D