Sunday, November 11, 2007

Needle Felting

I had a fairly productive day, Saturday. I knit the Sidekick Bag from Knitting Daily and went to the Fiber Guild Meeting to play by Needle Felting. First the Bag:

Here it is prior to being felted. It was a quick knit and I enjoyed the way that the handles were kitchnered together. There was no sewing involved in this piece, except for the weaving in of ends. I love that. It also used up less than 1 skein of Cascade 220.

Here's the bag after felting. I really lucked out on this one. I threw it in the washer with a pair of jeans and a bath towel, took a shower, and caught it at the right time. Perfect. I used a tapestry needle to sew on a bead I got over the summer as a button.

Then we began needle felting. I opted for the freeform method, rather than using a pattern. I liked making the spirals the best, although the dots were fun, too. Here's some pics of the finished product:

Edited to add: Apparently, Blogger is having some photo issues. All the pics are on my Flickr. You can check them out there until Blogger's hiccups are gone (Is it just me, or is this happening a lot lately?)

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Arctic Knitter said...

Just checked flickr - cool bag! I've never needle felted before - looks like you can do some fun stuff! I plan on felting bags this winter - need to use up some serious worsted wool stash!