Monday, November 12, 2007

Rockstar Package

Warning: This post is picture heavy, you should look away now, if you encounter symptoms of yarn/swap jelousy.

I came home from school sick today (I think my exact words to my principal were, "I think I'd better go home before I throw up on a child." He let me go home). I came home to see at my doorstep a super neat package from my secret pal. I was a little bit worried, because it had been opened and was almost falling apart. But luckily, nothing inside was damaged. My pal did an awesome packing job. I think it's safe to say, that it took a visit to customs land for a while. Inside were the best goodies a girl could hope for. I'm totally in love with kinder eggs and have been forever. They have really good chocolate and then a toy inside. It's like a chocolate Happy Meal. I'll have to post pictures of the toys after I eat the eggs (nothing is going in my stomach today). I also got a very cool felted bag with a pirate lining and a Steeler's colored bead on the outside. That was so thoughtful! Thanks Secret Pal! Of course there was lots of yarn. I can't wait to try the lace and sock yarns. I also got some kick a** stitch markers. Seriously, skull stitch markers. Freaking awesome. I know the tapestry needles will come in handy, because I'm always loosing them at classes and such. Thank you again Secret Pal! I've loved getting to know you and can't wait for the second package!


white oak studio said...

Hi Laura! so sorry I haven't sent your tvyarn club prize yet! you did win the prize for guessing the number of yarn skeins in my basement, will send the prize soon! Jana

B said...

Laura L - Please ignore any messages from Betty concerning the Monkey swap. I am sorry I thought you were my pal and you were not. I apologize.

Yarn Thing said...

Hey girlfriend! You need to listen to the latest episode of the podcast :-)

Marly aka Yarn Thing

(fyi: episode 22 is the latest)

beck said...

Very nice~ I'm only slightly jealous.