Wednesday, May 09, 2007


This past Sunday was Julie's 4th Birthday Party. We had a blast! Julie liked her felted bag (although she liked the gum that I stuck in at the last minute more than the bag or the other presents inside). Rae (her mom) claimed the bag as her own saying, "That's too nice for Julie, that's a present for the Momma." We also dressed up Godson in his pants, hat, and Mysterio T-shirt (His future is to be a "big tipper"). He was not a fan of a cotton hat in 80 degree weather, so he's looking a bit grumpy.

He also can't understand why we would want to cover up all his hair!Total # of stash skeins gotten rid of: 5

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Beth said...

He looks very cute in the pants and hat but I'm with him - why would you cover up all that hair! He's a cutie - and so is his sister!