Sunday, May 27, 2007

Baby Stuff Part Two or Way Overdue

Here is a completed baby IOU. This is intended for Swartz (see the list below). I ran short on yarn for the pair of baby socks so I made a second bib, instead. The specs are below:
Yarn-Bunny Hop (The colorway tag has been misplaced).

Pattern- Just a basic rolled brim baby hat, no pattern really required.

Needles-Size 4 because that was what I could find at the time. I really like working this yarn on 8s, but really you could be okay with anything in between those two numbers.

Yarn- Sugar and Creme of whatever colors they sell at my local Walmart

Pattern-Mason Dixon Bib of Love

Needles- Size 6

Changes in the Pattern- I forgot to put a button hole in the second bib so that one will be a Velcro closure (which I think mom might like more anyway).

Look for part three later today/tomorrow. Andersen is coming over and we're having a movie night. So while I'll get lots of knitting done, it might not get posted until tomorrow (especially if Sangria is involved). Have a great Sunday all!

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