Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Early Mother's Day to Rae

Rae is the mother of the adorable Julie and equally cute Godson (aka Mister). She also is a teacher. Not just any teacher, one of the best English teachers I have every met (who else would host a LCMS Idol where the kids had to make up songs based on Emily Dickinson lyrics). She's one of the good ones.

For her birthday, I was planning on knitting her some socks. At the time, I thought I had started early enough that it would be no problem (she's got really tiny feet). Well, Mister came a wee bit early, and then I was in Sock Madness for much longer than I thought I would be (Rae called it "Extreme Knitting"). Last Sunday, after the party, I sat down and finished the second sock. I can't think of many people, outside of my family, that I think deserves some nice socks more. Happy Mother's Day Rae! You're a rockstar!

For all you knitting folks, the yarn is Jitterbug (I can't recall the name, but make sure you wash it out really well. I had some DARK blue water). I knit these on size 2 dpns. They're just my basic sock pattern.

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raerae said...

Top 10 Nice Things About LaLa

1. "extreme" knitter
2. uses "rockstar" as an adjective
4. digs working men
5. loves my kids
6. has read it all
7. mistakes insanity for dedication
8. my little pony
9. doen't judge others when they steal birthday presents from small children
10. not an airhead--just likes to eat them

list composed by Rae, Julie, and Andy