Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Summer Knitting Goals

There's a great contest going on over here. Ali is asking everyone who enters to list their summer knitting goals. This is also a great way for me to track all the projects I need to get done with their due dates. Here we go:
  1. Swartz's Baby Shower Present. I'm really late on this one and am hoping to finish off the last baby sock at put a button on the bib tonight.
  2. Mayfield's Baby Shower Present: Again, on the late side (at least her baby hasn't been born yet). Purple baby pants to finish and a matching hat. I might also give her some baby socks, it all depends on time.
  3. MC's Socks. I'm throwing her a Wedding Shower the day after Memorial Day and would like to have these done by then. I'm thinking some STR in the Monkey pattern, but I may change my mind. I know I can do that pattern quickly, though.
  4. Chism's Baby Shower Gift. The day after MC's shower. What the heck have I gotten myself into? But she's my mentee and I can't let her down. I'll prob. make a fruit hat out of some of the Cashvero that Kathy sells and some socks out of some leftovers I have.
  5. Emily's Buckeye Socks. I want to get these done by her Wedding shower on the first Saturday of May. I have the whole car ride to PGH to work on them. Plus they're in Glacier by Cider Moon, so it should be a quick knit.
  6. Cable Headbands for a class I am going to teach someday (I might work on those this Thursday at Knit Night).
  7. Socks for my Hogwarts Pal. They have to go out at the end of June.
  8. Sockapalooza Socks. These I won't have to worry about until July. I'm thinking about something out of some LL denim.
  9. The tank top kit that is the prize of this contest (If I win) I think it helps to think positive!

If you do decide to enter the contest, please tell Ali that you linked from here. Thanks!

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ali said...

Great list! Good luck!
Happy knitting-