Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Babies at Sock Class

Dora brought her babies to my sock class last night. Look at how cute they are! The class went well. I always have fun with my sock classes. I've taught it so many times (Is it 6 or 7?) that I know what's going on and what people will have problems with and where we should be. It's extra fun when I get to hold babies.
On my own personal knitting, I should finish the Clap tonight and block it. Then I have a secret project that I'm starting and hope to have done by Sunday. After that, another secret project (this blog might be boring for a while). I should be dying more yarn this weekend and will have fiber guild on Saturday, so I still will have stuff going on to blog about.

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dingledaisy said...

Finally found the other pictures from your class.