Sunday, March 09, 2008

Finished Objects

I finally figured out a sneaky way to get around all the photo posting issues that I've been having with Blogger. I just upload my pics to my flickr (something I do anyhow) and copy the HTML from there. Here's some of the projects that I've finished in my February is for Finishing month:
Baby Shrug
A baby shrug. This was supposed to be a shrug for me (the pattern is the One Skein Wonder from Glampyre Knits), but due to my inability to read, I made a newborn size instead. I think its pretty darn cute.
Baby Bling
I also created this hat which I am calling Baby Bling. It was improvised at my Magic Loop class and done using some leftover Dream in Color Classy in the Lunar Dazzle colorway. It should also fit a newborn.

Camo Baby Socks
Then we have my camo baby socks for Robert's grandson. I was just happy to get these done. The yarn is Lorna's Laces and they are just my standard baby sock pattern.

Betsy, Prefelting
Last but not least, we have Betsy. This was a Fleece Artist kit that I picked up while in Jackson. Here's an after felting shot:
Betsy Post-felting
It always amazes me what a little friction and hot water can do.

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~jane said...

Oh I'm so glad you felted your hat. Love the "after" picture. I was afraid when I saw the first picture,not being much of a hat fan myself. But after felting it is absolutely adorable!