Saturday, March 08, 2008

Best Day Ever

I truly had a fabulous day yesterday. I went into work yesterday morning knowing that snow was in the forecast. I've been disappointed by Mississippi weather before, so I was trying not to get my hopes up. We got out at 11 due to the threat of snow. I was excited to get out because that meant my Spring Break (which was to start at the end of the day and last until school resumed on St. Patrick's day) started a wee bit early. Then this started:
I can not explain the excitement I get from snow. There was jumping up and down, but at that point in time (the picture was taken much later) it was just a few flakes, no real accumulation, so Lee and I decided to go see Jumper. Got out of the movie to see snow still flying, but not a lot of sticking. Dropped Lee off at his car, started an impromptu snow ball fight, got my arse kicked in said snow ball fight, and went home.
Nikki called to see if we wanted to do girl movie night, she came over and them we looked outside. It now looked like this:
Run Maggie, run!
We played in the snow. Made snow angels. Got REAL cold. Came inside and I decided to knit a pair of mittens. Watched more movies and ate some pizza and fell asleep watching another movie.
In my book; no work, snow, great friends, movies, knitting, and pizza pretty much make for a perfect day.
baby its cold outside


Beth said...

That does sound like a fun day.

Now just imagine a winter where you get over 100 inches of snow! It gets old fast.

linnakat said...

This post makes me *so* homesick! I miss snow...